Courage to Live

Breast cancer is only a part of your story. Share how you choose to fight, thrive and truly live in the face of your diagnosis.

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Courage is contagious

In the fight against breast cancer, you are not alone. The journey of your life is often filled with unexpected twists and turns. Some beautiful and some heartbreakingly difficult. But knowing you’re not alone on that journey can give you the courage to take another step, no matter how hard it gets. Read the stories of other women who have journeyed through breast cancer and then share your own.

Breast cancer will not define my life

When Kristi was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew her story wasnt over. It was just another step in her journey and she was committed to keep running.

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The courage to act

When Kimberly learned that she had the BRCA gene mutation, she decided to act and live free from fear.

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From fear to courage

For Andrea, breast cancer brings about an incredibly wide range of challenges and battles and it can often leave lasting marks both physically and emotionally.

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How a breast cancer surgeon found her courage to live

Dr. Anne Peled was a successful breast cancer specialist and surgeon in San Francisco when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37.

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Breast cancer is only a part of your story

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Resources for the courageous

The best exercises for women in chemotherapy

Exhaustion is one of the most common side effect of chemotherapy. Here’s the best way to stay active on the days you’re feeling energized and the days you don’t.

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Taking care of your skin during breast cancer treatment (2019 guide)

From dryness to bruising to sun sensitivity, chemotherapy is known to cause a number of skin-related side effects. Here’s how you can combat them.

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Choosing the perfect bra after breast cancer surgery: What you should know

One of the hurdles that women can often face after breast cancer treatment is finding a new bra that properly suits the changes that have occurred in their body as a result of treatment. Here are some of the best.

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Bathroom essentials for breast cancer treatment: What you should look for

The bathroom is a battlefield during breastcancer treatment. Many battles are fought, many hurdles crossed and many tears shed within its walls. Here are the essentials you should have in your arsenal.

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Breast cancer is only a part of your story.

Share your personal story in the fight against breast cancer.

Join women from around the world who have shared their stories of courage in the face of breast cancer. Your experience can encourage and empower those who may be feeling alone in their journey.

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