Breast cancer surgery

The Hidden Scar® Patient Perspective: A Guest Blog by Breast Cancer Survivor Andrea Cotter

What happened when I found out I had breast cancer? Well, let me see. It felt like I’d taken a huge punch to the gut. I thought I might have dodged that one, but no, here it was: breast cancer. I walked around in a state of disbelief for a day or so imagining that it was someone else’s mammogram mistaken for mine. But it was mine. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Ductal Carcinoma in late 2015, right after Breast Cancer Awareness Month and right after my annual mammogram. It was almost Christmas, and I was pretty much in shock. [...]

Hidden Scar® Surgery- A new technique minimizes patients’ visual reminders of cancer

An article from Lifebridge Health: A Healthy Dose Fall 2017 featuring Dona C. Hobart, MD, Medical Director. When it comes down to it, a bug bite helped detect Gayla Fulcher’s breast cancer. In August 2016, Fulcher noticed the redness from a bug bite moving up her arm. She visited her primary care doctor, who advised her to get a sonogram of the bite area—and also encouraged her to get the mammogram Fulcher had been putting off. The 3D mammogram she had at Advanced Radiology a few days later revealed a small lesion in her breast. She sought the services of [...]

Now You See It… Now You Don’t

How breast cancer surgery is revolutionizing a woman’s cosmetic outcome—and confidence. By Dr. Anne Kobbermann, M.D., Board-certified and Fellowship-trained Breast Surgical Oncologist, Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Overland Park Regional, Overland Park, Kansas, Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Menorah Medical Center, Overland Park, Kansas As a breast surgical oncologist who has worked with hundreds of women facing breast cancer, each conversation I have with a patient is unique because each woman possesses her own personal history, circumstances and life experiences. They come to my office with different concerns, questions and fears, but inevitably I’m asked “What about the scar?” While [...]

This Blogger Is Posing Topless To Show Another Side Of Living With Cancer

Dena Smith, who runs the fashion and beauty blog Leo With Cancer, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, on her 29th birthday. As she began chemotherapy, the now 33-year-old shared her treatment experiences with her blog followers. When she underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery three years later, she once again took her readers on the journey with her—and in the process, she shared beautiful photos of her recovery that flip the script on how the internet views cancer treatment. When Smith searched online for ideas of what to expect from the reconstruction process after her mastectomy, she didn't [...]

Breast cancer was tough but trying to date again is just as hard – three survivors tell their story

Gruelling medical treatment can leave a breast cancer survivor feeling undesirable and dreading dating again. Here three such women, who we treated to a makeover, tell how the disease has affected their love lives... Penny Rutterford 54 East London Penny was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2014 after experiencing pain and swelling in her breast, and finding a fast-growing lump. This rare and aggressive form, which grows along the lymph vessels in the skin of the breast, was treated with chemotherapy followed by a mastectomy and director Penny decided against having reconstructive surgery as she now feels confident [...]