How do I prepare for surgery?

It is important to prepare for the day of surgery and for your recover after surgery.

Preparing for your Hospital Stay

Depending on the type of surgery you, you may leave the same day or stay overnight in the hospital for one or more nights. Lumpectomies (especially without lymph node biopsy) are often outpatient procedures, meaning you leave the same day as your surgery. Mastectomies are more invasive procedures and usually require staying in the hospital for at least one night. Different types of breast reconstruction can also affect your hospital stay.

Bring comfortable clothes to go home in after surgery. Depending on the type of surgery you have, it may be painful to lift your arms or wear certain garments. There are special clothing lines designed for breast cancer patients.

Preparing for your Recover From Surgery

It’s important to prepare for your recovery from surgery. Arrange to have a family member, friend or partner help with transportation and daily tasks immediately after surgery. Your hospital stay, pain and mobility will all depend on the type of surgery you have and other personal factors. Below is some common information about recovery from breast cancer surgery. Ask your doctor what to expect after your surgery and the best way to prepare.