Gruelling medical treatment can leave a breast cancer survivor feeling undesirable and dreading dating again. Here three such women, who we treated to a makeover, tell how the disease has affected their love lives…

Penny Rutterford 54 East London

Penny was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2014 after experiencing pain and swelling in her breast, and finding a fast-growing lump.

This rare and aggressive form, which grows along the lymph vessels in the skin of the breast, was treated with chemotherapy followed by a mastectomy and director Penny decided against having reconstructive surgery as she now feels confident and happy in her own skin.

But she’s still single having split from her husband just a month before her diagnosis. She says: “After a painful marriage break-up, I find the idea of going out dating again – especially at 54, with wrinkles and double chins, let alone with only one breast – a bit daunting.”

She has been on only one date. “We didn’t click and then when I told him about my breast cancer, he left,” she says.

“I worry about telling someone new about my diagnosis as talking cancer makes it all very serious very quickly.”

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