Beating The Odds

“You maybe in a hurricane but the sun will shine again.”

Beating the odds.

Finding a lump after a self-exam at age 36 was not in the odds. Lumpectomy, chemo, radiation and 5 years of tamoxifen. I went on to live “normally” as one does after having cancer.

October 2017, routine mammogram, against the odds my cancer was back. Bilateral mastectomy where, against the odds, I had 2 tumors that had different traits. So, chemotherapy again and reconstruction and schedule of 10 years of tamoxifen.

But, against the odds, I am healthy and able to work full time in a physical job.

My advice to keep breathing in this gamble of life. We never know what our odds are but keep playing. Sharing my story to help others has made me feel stronger.

Take comfort from God, family and friends. Have confidence in your doctors. Keep a sense of humor so you have more good days than bad, even though some days that’s hard.

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