The Curve in the road

“Drive to survive.”

I was diagnosed with stage 3 her2 breast cancer with cancer in my lymph nodes (lymphedema).
I knew as soon as I was diagnosed my life was going to change forever and I was scared that I was facing death, beating myself up with why did I wait so long to get a mammogram and the swelling of my arm.

Fear of the unknown.

My big struggle was choosing the right breast cancer doctor for me and my personality and being confident with my choice. I wasn’t overly confident with my choice, but I had started chemo right away.

I decided to use the dignacap during chemo to save my hair, best decision ever. My oncologist became my best friend, I voiced my concern not being comfortable with my breast surgeon and could I change breast surgeons 3 weeks before my scheduled mastectomy she told me it’s my choice, so I made a phone call and another took me right away. Best decision ever.

Mentally and physically your life is exhausting during chemotherapy, but I pushed myself everyday to make it a better day. I’m a single woman in my 50’s but I knew I could do this and I did. For the love I have for my family I rocked it.

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