The biggest thing your doctor isn’t telling you about your breast cancer scar by Maria Palafox, MD

Source: Maria Palafox, MD Blog

Just Google “dating after breast cancer surgery” to cry your eyes out.

A Google search on “breast cancer scars” results in everything from home remedies to reduce the appearance of your mastectomy or lumpectomy scar- to how to prepare a new love for what he is going to see the first time you disrobe. If you want to cry your eyes out, Google “dating after breast cancer surgery”. The first article that came up for me was a article where one patient stated, “The first time I was intimate with someone after reconstruction…the look on his face was devastating.” Or another patient who stated, “He didn’t try to explore my scars or my boobs.” Worse still, has a post that suggests breast cancer patients “buy an irresistible dog or a quirky, irresistible car” to improve their likelihood of finding a partner.

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